Jayawantrao Sawant Institute of Management & Research, Hadapsar

S.No. 58, Indrayaninagar, Handewadi Road, Satav Nagar, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028
Approved By AICTE & Affiliated To Savitribai Phule Pune University. Institute Code : MB6143
ACCREDITED BY NAAC | JSIMR is now ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Management Institute

SSR DVV Clarification

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Extended Profile
Sr. No. Details Attachments
2.1 2.1 Students List 2017-18 2.1_Students List 2017-18.pdf
2.2 2.2 Earmarked-Reserved Students 2.2_Earmarked-Reserved Students.pdf
3.1 3.1 Full Time Faculty with Workload 3.1_Full Time Faculty with Workload.pdf
2.3 2.3 Final Year Students list 2.3_Final Year Students list.pdf
4.1 4.1 Details of class rooms and seminar hall 4.1_Details of class rooms and seminar hall.pdf
4.2 4.2 Expences excluding salary 4.2_Expences excluding salary.pdf
4.3 4.3 Computer details 4.3_Computer details.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
1.2.3 Certificate Diploma-Add On JSIMR 1.2.3_Certificate Diploma-Add On_JSIMR.pdf
1.3.2 Value Added Courses JSIMR 1.3.2_Value Added Courses_JSIMR.pdf
1.4.1 Structured Feedback JSIMR 1.4.1_Structured Feedback_JSIMR.pdf
1.4.2 Feedback Process JSIMR 1.4.2_Feedback Process_JSIMR.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
2.1.1 OMS Students proof JSIMR 2.1.1_OMS Students proof_JSIMR.pdf
2.3.2 List of Faculty Memebers ICT JSIMR 2.3.2_List of Faculty Memebers_ICT_JSIMR.pdf
2.3.3 GFM - Allocation JSIMR 2.3.3_GFM - Allocation_JSIMR.pdf
2.4.3 Teacher Experince JSIMR 2.4.3_Teacher Experince_JSIMR.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
3.1.2 List of Research Guide JSIMR 3.1.2 List of Research Guide_JSIMR.pdf
3.2.2 Number of Workshops,Seminars, IPR etc. JSIMR 3.2.2 Number of Workshops,Seminars, IPR etc._JSIMR.pdf
3.3.3 Provisional Certificate of Ph.D. Students JSIMR 3.3.3 Provisional Certificate of Ph.D. Students_JSIMR.pdf
3.3.4 Research Papers Published JSIMR 3.3.4 Research Papers Published_JSIMR.pdf
3.3.5 List of Books Chaper in National-International Journals JSIMR 3.3.5 List of Books Chaper in National-International Journals_JSIMR.pdf
3.4.2 No. of Awards & Recognitions received for extension activities JSIMR 3.4.2 No. of Awards & Recognitions received for extension activities_JSIMR.pdf
3.4.4 No. of students participated in Extension activities JSIMR 3.4.4 No.-of-students-participated-in-Extension-activities_JSIMR.pdf
3.5.2 Number of Functional MoUs 3.5.2 No. of Functional MoUs.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
4.1.4 Budget Allocation for Infrastructure JSIMR 4.1.4_Budget Allocation for Infra._JSIMR.pdf
4.2.3 E-Resources JSIMR 4.2.3_E-Resources_JSIMR.pdf
4.2.4 Audited Statement & CA Certificate JSIMR 4.2.4_Audited Statement & CA Certi._JSIMR.pdf
4.2.4 Books Expenditure JSIMR 4.2.4_Books Expenditure_JSIMR.pdf
4.2.5 Remote Access E-Resources JSIMR 4.2.5_Remote Access E-Resources_JSIMR.pdf
4.2.6 Library Usage JSIMR 4.2.6_Library Usage_JSIMR.pdf
4.3.2 Final Supporting document DSR JSIMR 4.3.2_Final Supporting doc_DSR_JSIMR.pdf
4.3.3 Internet Bandwith JSIMR 4.3.3_Internet Bandwith_JSIMR.pdf
4.3.4 LCS Virtual Lecture JSIMR 4.3.4_LCS_Virtual Lecture_JSIMR.pdf
4.4.1 Physcial Facility JSIMR 4.4.1_Physcial Facility_JSIMR.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
5.1.1 Govt. Scholarship Data JSIMR 5.1.1 Govt. Scholarship Data_JSIMR.pdf
5.1.4 Competitive and Career Counselling Doc. JSIMR 5.1.4 Competitive and Career Counselling Doc._JSIMR.pdf
5.1.5 VET Details JSIMR 5.1.5 VET Details_JSIMR.pdf
5.3.1 Awards of Students JSIMR 5.3.1 Awards of Students_JSIMR.pdf
5.3.3 No.of sports and cultural activities Doc.-JSIMR 5.3.3 No.of sports and cultural activities Doc.-JSIMR.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
6.2.3 Implementation of E-Gov. JSIMR 6.2.3 Implementation of E-Gov._JSIMR.pdf
6.3.2 Financial Assistance JSIMR 6.3.2 Financial Assistance_JSIMR.pdf
6.3.4 Participation Certificates JSIMR 6.3.4 Participation Certificates_JSIMR.pdf
6.5.3 IQAC Report JSIMR 6.5.3 IQAC Report_JSIMR.pdf
6.5.4 AAA Report JSIMR 6.5.4 AAA Report_JSIMR.pdf
6.5.4 Annual Report JSIMR 6.5.4 Annual Report_JSIMR.pdf
6.5.4 Quality Initiatives JSIMR7 6.5.4 Quality Initiatives_JSIMR.pdf
Sr. No. Details Attachments
7.1.1 Gender Equity Promotion Program JSIMR 7.1.1 Gender Equity Promotion Program_JSIMR.pdf
7.1.9 Facilities Avialable for Divyanjan JSIMR 7.1.9 Facilities Avialable for Divyanjan_JSIMR.pdf
7.1.10 Locational Advantages & Disadvantages JSIMR 7.1.10 Locational Advantages & Disadvantages_JSIMR.pdf
7.1.11 Contribution to Local community JSIMR 7.1.11 Contribution to Local community_JSIMR.pdf
Final Clarifications
Sr. No. Details Attachments
44575 DVV Grievance 44575_DVV Grievance.pdf
DVV Clarifications - Explanations DVV Clarifications - Explanations.pdf
All Clarifications - Combined All Clarifications - Combined.pdf
2.2 Earmarked DTE Admission Brouchure Reference 2.2_Earmarked DTE Admission Brouchure Reference.pdf
3.5.2 Functional MoUs 3.5.2_Functional MoUs.pdf
4.3 Deployment of Compuuters Director Undertaking 4.3_Deployment of Compuuters Director Undertaking.pdf
7.1.12 & 7.1.13 Code of Conduct and Core Values 7.1.12 & 7.1.13_Code of Conduct and Core Values.pdf