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Research Environment & Support

Research Environment & Support

The phrase “Research and Development” has a special significance apart from its conventional coupling of scientific research and technological development. “Research and Development” normally refers to future-oriented, longer-term activities in Science, Technology, Social Sciences and Management stream, using techniques with or without predetermined outcomes and with broad forecasts of commercial yields. In a world increasingly propelled by technology, research is the foundation of any nation's economic growth. Thus, JSPM’s JSIMR is committed to contribute in basic long-term research in frontier areas.

Research & Development (R&D) Cell is established to promote research-based teaching-learning thereby preparing students for successful careers. The activities of R&D Cell include- Development of Ph.D. Research Centre, Faculty & Students Training, FDPs and Support Programs, Recognition of Research Production, Encouragement of Faculty Collaboration, Balanced Teaching & Research Responsibilities, etc. The R&D Cell is committed to Academic and Industry driven collaborations and linking the academic research with teaching curriculum.

Objectives Of R&D Cell At JSIMR Are:


To create and maintain research conducive environment

To promote research and innovation culture among faculty and students

To make efforts to establish research partnerships with Government, Industry, R&D organization and institute, Universities and other stakeholders

To provide a suitable enabling research environment and infrastructure

To assist in creating centre of excellence

To facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence

To assist in creating centre of excellence and innovations lab at institute

R & D Cell Committee

R & D Cell Committee

The R&D Ccommittee members appointed for the Academic Year 2018-19 are as below;

Designation Name
Research & Development Cell Head Dr. Manohar Karade, Director, JSIMR, Pune
External Expert Dr. Prafulla Pawar , Dean, Commerce & Management Studies & Registrar, SPPU, Pune
Faculty Representatives Dr. Prajakta Warale , Dr. Shailesh Pandey, Dr. Shital Deshmukh
External Expert - Dr. E. B. Khedkar, Vice Chancellor, Dr. D.Y Ajinkya University
External Expert Dr. Mane Dattatray, HOD PUMBA , Pune
External Expert - Dr. Anand Dadas , Research Head, Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies &Research, Pune
External Expert - Dr. Roshan Kazi, Professor & HOD, Allana Institute of Management, Pune